Insanity in Danaria

It Begins

Each individual receives a mysterious letter and an item from someone close to them summoning them to an abandoned mansion. Kuga arrives first and he seems confused at the giant building in front of him. Just as he begins to flex his muscles at the building, Lucean arrives. They talk a bit before deciding to enter the dark building. They slowly find their way to a small study with a fire built up in the fireplace, though no one seems to be present.

Monk and Bard walk side by side as their paths cross. The Bard upsets the Monk with his intimate and worldly ways. Art sees everyone arrive and enters the small room last. A tiny Halfling slowly pushes a plush chair towards the room, until Monk decides to help out. Gilfreder tells everyone that he has their loved ones and that they must do what he wants if they wish to see them free.

Gilfreder wishes a rival to go bankrupt and wants a recent shipment of arms and armor to be stolen. The group manages to sneak into the warehouse


silvanshei14 silvanshei14

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